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"derek tries and fails to woo an oblivious!stiles, so he goes to Scott for advice except Scott doesn't want stiles and derek to be a thing that happens bc of a multitude of reasons so he gives him the worst tips except they accidentally end up working really well"


so, i didn’t do this prompt at all, kind of. because i feel like Scott would be all YAY LOVE. so, i did Scott being all YAY LOVE, and Derek being all NO, PAIN, HURT, MUSTN’T FEEL THIS WAY, HELP. so Scott helps.


So, Scott’s a little bit worried Derek wants to kill Stiles.

A year ago, he’d have been genuinely, totally, sincerely sure Derek wanted to kill Stiles. And Scott. And most of the people he came into contact with. Not, that Scott saw Derek interact with many people seeing as how he seemed to live in the dark corners of gross subway stations, or lurk in Scott’s bedroom. But, his expressions generally seemed to imply he wasn’t happy about talking to anyone. Stiles never seemed to find it particularly scary. Scott remembers Stiles calling him sour wolf and then crowing about it for days afterwards. Once, you know, they knew Derek was alive again. He made light of it, though. It’s one of the things Scott loves best about his best friend; the ability to make him laugh, even when he was having the worst day of his life.

He’s real glad his best friend is around, alive, happy again, winding Derek up, teasing Scott, tweaking Allison’s hair.

And god, he’s even really glad Derek’s alive. Underneath the angry eyebrows, and the gruff exterior, he’s actually kind of nice. That seriously wasn’t a sentence he believed he’d utter when Derek was stomping around school and telling Scott off for wanting to date Allison all the time. But, they’re past that. Sometimes, Derek sits and has dinner with Scott and his mom; sometimes he even plays video games with him and Isaac. Stiles came flying into the room unannounced, and then backed right out when he saw them all, declaring he was having a stroke. Scott’s not a hundred per cent, but he’s pretty sure he saw Derek’s mouth twitch like he was trying not to smile.

Which, is his fear now.

Because, Derek keeps smiling when Stiles is around.

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Simon: Yeah, we [Simon and Nick] did. We shared a bed. [Audience laughs and “ooh”s]. Yes, America. We shared a bed.

“I can’t make you wait for me, I’m not going to do that.”
“You don’t have to. Because I know we’re gonna be together.”

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